Taking a look at the many varieties of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a type of deciduous shrub that grows in both North America and parts of Asia. Typically, they grow between 10-24 feet tall, but some of the tree varieties grow to heights of 39 feet. While the most common varieties of witch hazel blossom with a lively yellow color, there are several others that have different colors. Keep reading and we'll take a closer look at Continue Reading

Beauties of Spring

spring flowers

Spring is a time when there are so many plants bursting into growth and flower that sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, or in our case the plants for the flowers. So this month I thought it might be appropriate to consider some of the smaller and less obtrusive spring plants that are often overlooked. Continue Reading

Witch hazels for winter colour


There's no denying that winter can be a drab time in the garden and that deciduous shrubs and trees can be rather dull at this time of year, but that's no reason to write them off entirely, as so many gardeners seem wont to do. Not only do deciduous shrubs and trees have interesting branch structures — a bonus often overlooked after their autumn colour — some of them flower in Continue Reading

The Crape Myrtle


Crape Myrtles are a popular choice for gardeners because of their low maintenance, beautiful colors and extremely long bloom season, lasting nearly three and a half months. Crape Myrtles are most popular in the south, gaining the nickname the lilac of the south, but are enjoyed by gardeners across the country. Their scientific term, Lagerstroemia, was coined in 1759 in order to Continue Reading

Buttercups and Bonsai…

bonsai forme du lettré

I had an early morning walk this morning (9am is early to me) and noticed that this year must be the year of the Buttercup. Every year I watch the cycle of the weed invasion on the percolation area. Last year it was the Thistle and the nitrogen fixing Gorse the year before that. Continue Reading