How small can a Bonsai get!

It is true that Bonsai are miniaturised versions of the wild things that can be found on the edge of famous lakes and gardens or seen hanging off the edge of cliffs. But did you know that Bonsai too have their miniature versions! These Bonsai are commonly known as Shohin and Mame. Shohin is a Japanese word that means 'tiny thing' and in Bonsai this means that the tree has to Continue Reading

Training a Bonsai from seed


Have you ever considered training a Bonsai from seed and putting your own style to a tree. It's not that difficult and it is a great way of developing a collection at a lower cost and most importantly if you are starting out, you don't experiment with expensive trees. The only disadvantage is that you will have to wait about 3 years (dependent on species, growing rate etc) Continue Reading