Bonsai Inspiration


When it comes to bonsai books I am a great fan of practicalities and inspiring ideas. Their is nothing as bad as buying a book that you don’t feel like lifting up, one that gathers dust and ends up in the collection of possible recyclables. Yes I have bought those books... and no I won't name them, well not yet! As a bonsai freakcollector in these recessionary times money well Continue Reading

Gnarly Branches, Ancient Trees

(c) Will Hiltz Nara Publishers

As you read this book you can feel the emotion of understanding, an understanding that bonds the ‘Author to the Artist‘. From the moment that Will and Dan first met, when Dan explained to Will the true pronunciation of the word Bonsai, as Bone-sigh and not Bonzai (The karate kid yelled voice with a chop to match), this friendship was moulded. Continue Reading

Bonsai Beautiful Journey


Have you ever wondered what went into creating that piece of living art known as a bonsai? How the precise cutting and trimming and tying kept a tiny tree, just that, tiny? Craig Coussins has travelled to many countries teaching the art of bonsai. In between these journeys he has managed to find time to write a series of practical books, among them “Bonsai for Beginners”, Continue Reading