Maples, the queen of bonsai

If pines are considered to be the kings of bonsai, then surely the glorious maples must be the queens. I grow all types of maples in all… Read more »

Selecting Appropriate Scrolls for Bonsai Display

A 表具師 Hyougushi is an artisan that works in paper, textiles, glue, and wood to create a variety of products. The two primary products made by a… Read more »

4 Essential Bonsai Care Tips for Beginners

4 Essential Bonsai Care Tips for Beginners

Many don’t know this, but gardening is a very relaxing hobby. Re-potting, watering and caring for your plants is a great way to release stress and it… Read more »

Beginner's Guide to Bonsai Gardening

Bonsai gardening is a way for you to unleash your creativity. It is a chance for you to get involved with a living piece of art. Bonsai… Read more »

Bonsai Trees for Sale in County Clare

A Bonsai Collector in County Clare is leaving Ireland and is selling the following native species trees, that have been trained as Bonsai.  The “Large Pine” and… Read more »