Selecting Appropriate Scrolls for Bonsai Display


A 表具師 Hyougushi is an artisan that works in paper, textiles, glue, and wood to create a variety of products. The two primary products made by a Hyougushi associated with bonsai display, are 掛け軸 kakejiku (hanging wall scrolls) and 屏風 byoubu (folding screens/partitions). The reader will be introduced to the methodology of judging scroll formality, how formality is related to Continue Reading

4 Essential Bonsai Care Tips for Beginners


Many don’t know this, but gardening is a very relaxing hobby. Re-potting, watering and caring for your plants is a great way to release stress and it allows you to think. But for those who don’t have the space or the time for a big garden, one option they have is to care for a bonsai tree. Continue Reading

Beginner's Guide to Bonsai Gardening


Bonsai gardening is a way for you to unleash your creativity. It is a chance for you to get involved with a living piece of art. Bonsai affords you to become more relaxed because it needs a Zen-like peace of mind to start with the hobby. This will eliminate the cause of stress that you are getting from work or at home. If you are planning to start Bonsai gardening it is best to Continue Reading

Bonsai Trees for Sale in County Clare


A Bonsai Collector in County Clare is leaving Ireland and is selling the following native species trees, that have been trained as Bonsai.  The "Large Pine" and the "Cascade/Candle Pine" Bonsai, were collected in Connemara near Barna on bog land 3 years ago, the owner of the land said that she planted it with her Father when she was a child more than 40 years ago. It was dug Continue Reading

Lazy Sunday morning bonsai


That lazy Sunday morning, just me and the trees chillin. Especially good is that lazy Sunday morning with the bright sunshine, dappled breeze, no rain when your feeling kinda of wrecked from the busy Saturday weeding the driveway or what ever other vigorous activity you enjoy doing. I kinda like it, as the Monday blues are taking a break, thoughts of that long commute are sunk Continue Reading