IJA Japanese Lessons 2013 – Beginners/Improvers

The Ireland Japan Association would like to announce its Japanese Course for Business People 2013. This year’s course will cater for beginners/improvers with a mix of conversation and culture.

This is an introductory Japanese language and culture course for people who are interested in doing business in Japan. Each week students will develop practical skills to communicate in business and social environments. Important customs in business are presented and an awareness of cultural differences is explored. Please refer to the attached Course Summary document for further details.

Textbook (*Purchase Optional*): “Nihongo Breakthrough – For survival to communication in Japanese” by JAL ACADEMY Co. Ltd..Published by ASK Publishing for JPY 1,900

About the Teacher:

Tetsuo Hirohama has been teaching Japanese language and culture courses in Ireland for the past seven years. He taught Japanese courses to prepare FAS participants to work in Japanese companies and has experience teaching in DCU as well as the UCD Applied Languages Centre.

Course Details:

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