Dreaming of Spring in Japan


“Spring is in the air, flowers start to bloom the flowers in the trees.” When I think of spring, this song from Hallmark’s Timeless Tales Thumbelina pops into my head. Spring always makes me think of flowers and this leads me to think of spring in Japan. Continue Reading

Japanese poets in the garden


For centuries Japanese poets have been influenced by the beauty, magnitude and mysterious quality of gardens from their country. Their is an evocative yet subtle quality to Japanese gardens, that are usually depicted in an ideal landscape with a very stylized aesthetic and a precise perspective. Both in terms of the form and beauty, one can see the influence of these gardens on Continue Reading

Japanese Stroll Garden, a silent place!

place of silence

Imagine gliding across bamboo, around the centerpiece of a water fountain, surrounded by classical greenery, evergreens and symbolic stones, being embraced by Japan to find two bamboo seating chairs on either side of a center table holding the ever patience bonsai tree, all in the back garden. This is the stroll garden. Continue Reading