Bonsai Trees for Sale in County Clare

A Bonsai Collector in County Clare is leaving Ireland and is selling the following native species trees, that have been trained as Bonsai. 

The “Large Pine” and the “Cascade/Candle Pine” Bonsai, were collected in Connemara near Barna on bog land 3 years ago, the owner of the land said that she planted it with her Father when she was a child more than 40 years ago. It was dug up with a big rootball and slipped into its container with no further work on the tree for the first year, it was left to rest and recover. The following year half the root ball were replaced with a bonsai soil mix ( 30% pinebark/ 30% catlitter and the remaining 40% with course grit approx) and were lightly root pruned. Year number 3 the remaining half of the rootball were also replaced and lightly prunned. The trees currently therefore, are fully root prunned with a good soil mix and with some minor work on the branch structure, ready for an initial styling.

The Hawthorn Bonsai was collected 4 years ago near the Burren hanging from the ledge of a cliff. It was bared rooted and exposed after been dislodged after strong windy weather. It was planted in its current container with a bonsai soil mix (40% pine bark, 30% cat litter, 30%course grit approx) and for the following years has been root pruned twice and strongly encouraged to back bud closer to the main trunk. The tree is currenlty ready for some initial styling.

The trees would need to be collected (person will need a van or trailer as they are quiet large).

We are offering these 3 trees with 4 other of lesser potential Bonsai trees, including a Bonsai concave pruning scissors, chempack balance fertilizer and chempack PK fertiliser for €600. ono

Please use the contact form for contact details of the seller.  Contact Page

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