Welcome to Bonsai

Bonsai has grown to more than just bonsai. It now includes the lifestyle that surrounds this gentle form of meditation.


The tendency of life in our society is to become more complicated: Internet, television, shopping, work, family commitments, possessions, eating, debt … these things pile on top of each other endlessly. Continue Reading

Bonsai clubs in Ireland

If anyone is interested, the first 'Bonsai Hub' was launched two weeks ago @ bonsaiireland.com. So far we have 13 members but I am sure their are many more out there who would like to join. The hub is split into groups and forums, with the emphasis on being an 'All Ireland' hub. So we have members from Northern Ireland and the south and this is broken into regional Continue Reading

Japanese Zen in your garden

Summer is finally here and this means you can finally relax with a beautiful garden furniture sets. Summer is the best time to set up your backyard and really give your garden the love and care it deserves. There are many ways to achieve that ideal and relaxing garden atmosphere. Here are some ways you can create your very own beautiful and peaceful setting in your own private Continue Reading

Let’s Study in Japan!


Visiting Japan in spring is one of my fondest dreams. Studying in Japan would be my second dream dearest to my heart. Becoming an exchange student or a scholar abroad has been an idea that I have toyed with in my college days. Unfortunately, I’m now past the age where I can avail of scholarships in Japan or anywhere else. For those who are still considering where to study Continue Reading

Meditation and memory

Meditation is a wonderful method of helping the entire body to relax. Through some simple breathing exercises the body naturally feels the stress being released and for many people it allows them to be much more open and receptive. Meditation can also aid in helping with memory. When a person feels relaxed the memory seems to function much better. Through the use of breathing Continue Reading

The many benefits of meditation

While meditation is traditionally viewed as a spiritual practice, its physical and psychological benefits are enormous. Reduce the stress in your life There’s no doubt that the biggest threat to our physical, psychological and emotional well being in the modern age is stress. It’s a proven fact that meditation helps to reduce stress; leading to deeper levels of relaxation. Continue Reading